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Joe Snyder Thongs
Get minimal coverage and full support while wearing a Joe Snyder thong. Joe Snyder thongs underwear feature a single strap in the back that runs between your buns and provides a supportive fit.


Why Wear a Joe Snyder Thong
Thongs are the most revealing men’s underwear and probably are the sexiest. The way they pamper your skin is outstanding and are very appealing to the eye. If you’re someone who loves to expose and turn heads, Joe Snyder thongs are the right option for you. Thongs are designed to raise one’s sex appeal. Thongs are very sexy and once worn by a guy; it picks up the sex appeal and raises it to a whole new level.
 Joe Snyder thongs make you feel sexier. They’re designed to let you showcase your goods. Come on. Enhance your bulge and flaunt your derriere. Letting it all hang out with confidence in your Joes is sure to bring the house down.


When Comfort and Fashion Are Real
You must have heard this before by guys who regularly wear thongs that it is the most comfortable piece of clothing known to man. It is rightly said because of the tiny structure and exposed rear, it is the most comfortable men’s apparel style. Made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex materials, every Joe Snyder thong has a superior fit that is designed with your comfort in mind.

Thongs with a Double-Duty

Not only Joe Snyder is a fun and cheeky brand but its thongs can be used a swimwear too. That’s because it’s made from a mix of nylon and spandex that’s light and dries in seconds. And if you’re thinking that a thong won’t work for the neighborhood pool, don’t worry, they do.

Quality you can Trust
Since 1958, Joe Snyder has created edgy designs with the Mexican flavor will spice up your underwear style. In the world of classic shades, the brand came up with some hot styles and exciting colors as well as prints created new and and exciting trends. Joe Snyder makes sure that you project your personality in cheeky way.

Choose The Thong That’s Right for You
Whether you like them racy, sporty or lacy, Joe Snyder definitely has the right thong for you.

  • ·        Sock It 
    Because sometimes, it’s all about the pouch, the Sock It Thong takes sexyness to a new level with a front as exciting as its back.


  • ·         Bulge Enhancement
    The Bulge thong has what we called package enhancing powers. It will lift your bulge and spirits while creating a commotion in your pants.

  • ·         Activewear
    Ideal for sports or working out at the gym, the Activewear thong is build strongly to keep you supported and in place.

  • ·         Prideframe
    The Prideframe Thong creat ea V-shape that points towards your package, and the contrast piping enhances the look of your bulge while drawing all eyes to it

  • ·         Prints
    Shop our famous prints, whether your prefer stripes, snakes or newspaper, they’re all available in thong form.

  • ·         Rainbow
    Whether you’re celebrating locally or abroad, or you just like to show your pride all year long, Joe Snyder has you covered with the perfect thong.

  • ·         Lace
    The Joe Snyder lace thong is made from classic fine lace designs and offer a sexy glimpse of skin through the fabric, perfect for those sexy nights in.

Where Should you Wear a Joe Snyder Thong
Thongs for men are becoming very popular and thongs can be worn as daily wear, at the gym or while running or exercising.


At the Beach
Men’s thongs’ size also lets you get that stunning sun-kissed glow. There will be little fabric between your skin and the sun ray’s (or that of a tanning bed), ensuring you’ll skin will glisten.


At the Gym
Wearing a thong regularly will motivate you to get fit. You’ll always see the rooms for improvement, ensuring you’ll stay focused, greatly improving your chance of success.


Not only Joe Snyder thongs will it keep you feeling cool and fresh, they will prevent you from getting a wedgie. The back’s made of little material, so there’s virtually no chance it will bunch and ride up.

Shop with Trust and Confidence

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