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The Bikini and Briefs style are a hot selection of men`s underwear by Joe Snyder. Each design provides some coverage at the back, be it full buttocks or half. There are practical, yet sexy, options such as the Activewear Bikini for when you want underwear that supports your package while you work out or play sports. The Launch gives you that action man look, which is also a comfortable but very sexy style. For fun and passion, the Kini designs feature a strappy waistband and some hot color options that is sure to get your partner`s full attention. This top quality men`s underwear is made using fabrics that support, yet also offer some stretch so you get a great fit. It also creates a smooth silhouette in your trousers, with no bunching of the fabric. Whatever your style, you can look hot in Bikini or Brief underwear by Joe Snyder.