So your evening is going great, you’ve had a few drinks and you’ll probably get in his pants. Your date’s clothing can tell you a lot about his appearance, but what he wears underneath them can be even more revealing about his personna. His undies are one of the most private and personal decisions in his day because only very few people will see it (well, maybe you’ll be the lucky one).



As such, comfort is paramount in underwear and while many men prefer one kind of underwear, it makes more sense to choose the style based on the day’s activity, like a date with a dude like you. There was a time not too long ago when, if you peeled off your guys, you knew exactly what to expect — a pair of regular boxers with no fit. But times have surely changes changed. "For sure guys are more fashionable than ever and take the time to choose their clothes carefully, including their undergarments," says Benoît Gorez, content editor at, a large online retailer of men's underwear.


Nowadays, nens underwear comes in many cuts, including: boxers, trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs, and many different styles of athletic underwear and sexy men's underwear, just to name a few. Add to this vivid colors and patterns, and you’ve got a variety comparable to women. Check out these examples of underwear-divulging bulges now and learn what his undies says about the man of your dreams.



White Undies (Tighty Whiteys)
If your date can rock white, he can rock anything. Tighty Whiteys shows that your next fling is down-to-earth and not worried a second about trends.


Tighty Whiteys with a few holes in them
Now don’t get stressed about a few holes in his underwear, because first you probably brought this guy home. Think of the bright side of things. He might enjoys comfort and movie nights. But please, take him shopping for undies on the third date.

Bold or bright
It’s great if patterns or colours doesn't scare him which probably means he isn't afraid of what others think. However, childish looking undies means he probably still lives with his mom.


Basic boxers
No-fuss, no muss. If your guys is showing off a great pair of basic boxers, the chances are he is low maintenance and a classic gentleman.


Jockstraps are sexy and revealing. If your date his wearing one, that means he can flip out is butt at any time and plans on getting lucky real fast.



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If your fling takes it even further than a jockstrap with a thong, he is bold and in-your-face. Your man is weeding out people who can't handle his personality (or his junk).


Lace underwear
So you’re undressing him and you’ve noticed he is wearing a pair of red lace trunks. Wait what? You’d be surprise to know that more men buy lace underwear in masculine cuts. You should know confident enough to manage the situation and can feel comfortable with himself. There’s a high probability that he’s very kinky too.


Performance Underwear
The right underwear is necessary for an active lifestyle, so you can be sure your guy makes sure his undies fit the bill. Better get the gym real soon too because fitness must rank high on his list of priorities!


So, your date doesn’t have wear underwear on? Forget about everything you read about why it’s important to wear undies on a regular basis: just grab his junk and go!