Anybody that follows us on Twitter, knows that Joe Snyder LOVES Rocco. And that ROCCO loves Joe Snyder. He's one of the first studs to make it to our gallery. 


Rocco speaks multiple languages. He loves Iravelling and foreign cultures and geek in computer stuff. He is also great fan of lycra, spandex, leather and rubber fetish wear. That's totally cool with us because that means he loves to show his Joes! Get to know him better in this sexy Q&A. Also, browse his gallery and don't forget to forget to follow him on Twitter if you don't already ;-)


1. So tell us, how do you feel when you wear your Joes?

When I wear my Joes the feeling is that of excitement straight away. The Lycra contours my crotch perfectly and that on his own feels great. The fabric and the stitching are perfectly matched to offer support, sexiness and comfort. I feel sexy, horny and satisfied.



2. Are you a thong kinda guy?

Let me tell you I wasn't into thongs until recently. I always appreciated the look on other men but never really thought they were good for me. Then one day I slipped into a pair and realised it looked amazing, showing off my assets and covering just enough to leave the imagination flow. So yes I am a thong kinda guy now.


3. When do you wear Joe Snyder the most?

Every time I workout Joe Snyder is my first choice under my shorts or lycra pants they offer support without interfering with my routines and workout plans. Besides I like to show them off in the changing rooms...


4. You have a massive following on Twitter, for people that don't know you, can you tell us what Rocco do?

To define Rocco I would have to go on for hours... let's say Rocco is the fetish guy next door, the one who loves leather, rubber and lycra the most, the one who can be kind or rough according to the situation. He loves to be in control and to show off in public as much as he can.




5. When did you find out you were into undies so much?

I was around 15 when I started appreciating the male physique and the different styles of this appreciation only a few years later became an addiction with the economy independence and online revolution. It became easier to find products online that would not be easily available and I started experimenting with different styles...


6. How do you keep so fit?

I run about 20 miles a week and lift weights twice a week. I also use my bike plus and do yoga in between. I also I do Pilates 2/3 times a week which I find helps with the core and posture in general and sometimes I attend body pump and circuit classes too. I have renderlo started skiing and am planning on taking some water sports (yes I know what you are thinking..) next summer.


7. Who are your favourite Joe Snyder fans?

My dear friend David Scocelli with whom I share the love for the body accessories. I also love SpandexLycralover, lycrub and speedopouch with whom I share the passion and love for anything spandex and lycra.

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