Thongs are pretty much as bare minimum as underwear comes: a thin piece of fabric connects a pouch to the waistband in the back leaving your derriere fully exposed. If you have an underwear fetish or if you like your jeans extra tight without having to worry about underwear lines or going commando, thongs are ideal at both an erotic and rightful alternative. But are they made for men? We say yes! We've got you covered with 5 reasons to why should men wear thongs.

 Joe Snyder Classic Thong


1. Thongs Are Practical
There’s so many arguments to why you should wear a thong. Mens thongs are the most supportive minimal undergarments for men. With a thong, you get the needed support andnothing else will get in the way of your clothing. Mens thongs also lack of underwear lines. With men's thongs, you can wear lightweight or tight pants and avoid the extra bulk regular underwear can give. Plus, why not try something new?


2. Thongs Are Super Sexy
Thongs are very seductive. Show off your cheeks, tease and entice – With little to no fabric on your cheeks, you don't have to worry about lines showing through tight pants or jeans. The thong is hidden, creating a smooth, seamless look on your rear. It looks like you're not wearing any underwear at all.


3. Thongs Are Comfy
With the most negligible amount of fabric, the feeling of freedom and comfort is what makes you stay in those thongs. The tiny fabric on the front keeps your manhood at ease yet supported all the time.


4.Thongs Are a Confidence Booster
When you’re feeling super sexy underneath, it automatically shows on your face, like when you’re happy inside, it shows outside. Men’s thong underwear boosts up the level of confidence within and it is visible to everyone around you. It picks up your sex appeal and keeps it on the upper level.


5. Thongs Will Turn Your Partner on

These undergarments are also referred to as ‘magical intimate apparel’ and they add the magic in your bedroom action. Thongs ca are erotic underwear which gives pleasure to both: wearer as well as the viewer.


But what kind of thong is right for you?

At Malebasics, we have so many options for you two choose from. Whether you're looking for something hot or with features like sheer, see-through fabrics, pouch enhancing thongs, and super skimpy g-strings. Are you a more of a minimalist? We also carry straightforward and no-nonsense designs, in great colors and cuts.


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