Since we recently launched our picture gallery, we've been getting pics from devoted Joe Snyder fans across the globe ready to flaunt it for your eyes only. This week, we're giving you Mark from Minnesota. Mark is an avid runner and fitness buff. And even if he is from the mid-west, he sure loves to have fun in the sun. And what rhymes with fun? Joe Snyder of course! 



Mark is a total cutie and we asked him a few questions to get to know him better.

1. So tell us, how do you feel when you wear your Joes?

Sexy! They're comfy and super fun to wear. I love how they look.


2. Why do you like thongs?

Most comfortable, sexiest underwear there is. They don't bunch up like boxers and they're fun and wild. And I love the tan lines I get from tanning in a thong - especially a Joe Snyder Rio!



3. When do you wear Joe Snyder the most?

Under my clothes to work, or when working on my tan line.


4. Have you ever worn a thong under your work slacks?

Just about every day!


5. How many Joe Snyder pair do you own?

6 or 7. I lost count!


6. You have a great body, how do you keep fit?

Thank you. I run about 20 miles a week and lift weights twice a week. I also use my bike plus and do yoga in between. I also health super healthy.


7. Where do you like to travel most?

Anywhere with a beach, a warm sun and plenty of scantily clad bodies in thongs - or less! 

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