It’s summer, hot as hell and you’re leaving work early to soak up some sun and pass by some pool. Time for a dip!



You have your towel from your morning workout and yeah, you could use your shorts but swimming with them would feel incredibly heavy. Also, wearing your underwear in a public pool is just unacceptable. What to do?


Well, if you had your Joe Snyder, that wouldn’t be a problem.


Not only Joe Snyder is a fun and cheeky brand but most of its products can be used a swimwear too. That’s because it’s made from a mix of nylon and spandex that’s light and dries in seconds. And if you’re thinking that a thong won’t work for the neighborhood pool, do not worry, the trunks work just as well.



Be ahead of the curb and choose undies with a double duty -- because you’re too smart not to!


Products featured : Joe Snyder Running short & boxer