Originally from Mexico, David has been a fan of Joe Snyder for years. In his 40’s, he likes hitting the gym a bunch and he’s an aries. David doesn’t reveal his face to the public but who cares? He’s hot as hell and his 91 000 Twitter followers proves that fact. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better.



Why do you love Joe Snyder?

I just love the designs, the fabric and how it feels on my body, I always hear that guys like to see other guys wearing sexy underwear but they don't wear it because it doesn't look sexy on them, I don't care about how you look, what is important is how you feel wearing them even when you don't get to show it to anybody, it's just a matter how the sexy underwear makes you feel.


Since when are you wearing it?

If i remember correctly, i started wearing it when I was 16 yo, I guess always had seen the joe snyder underwear in the plastic bottles, how they were sold in the past, but since i was not old enough to buy my own clothes i only was curious about those sexy designs in the bottles, when I was old enough to go to the store and buy it with my own money then I got a white thong by Joe Snyder, and loved it


What do you like wearing the most?

I have been on phases, first I started wearing thongs, then I moved to Bikini Clips, I loved the option of having the clip and been able to release it and show everything, but since I don't have a big butt didn't feel comfortable with the cut of the back, then somebody told me about a piece i had always dream of that i wasn't aware of, the full bikini bulge, when i saw that design I thought you were reading my mind.


A piece that I never thought i would even try was the BODY. At first, I thought it was too much, I bought one, tried at home, the next day i came back to the store and bought three more different colors, lol, and wearing it a lot lately, when at home when having fun. I must say that the fabric is really nice for jerking off.


I have been wearing for the last years is HILO. i love how it feels, very thin on the sides and only some fabric in the front to cover what needs to be covered, i wear it for the gym, under my office clothes, and nobody knows that I am wearing them




How do you keep in shape?

I like working out every single day, and watch carefully my meals, I used to be bigger in the past, now I am leaner and try to stay fit.


Do you wear Joe Snyder everyday?

Yes, I do wear my HILOS every day to the gym and the office.


Who are your favorite Twitter accounts?

So many but along my favorites are @roccohardxxx. He really inspires people @jacked2xl  & @alex_mecum


Do you like to go out?

I am more into staying at home than going out.


What is your favorite drink?

Tequila and vodka.


What is your idea of a perfect date?

The perfect date is a day on the beach, sunbathe wearing an hilo or a thong on the beach, then going to the hotel room take a shower together and have as much fun as possible


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